Over 60 heritage pork, chicken, eggs and beef products for Manitobans to choose from!


Delivery and pickup options
available in and around

Delivery to any address:

Daytime Thursdays: Winnipeg/ Oak Bluff/ Headingley/
East & West Saint Paul

Evenings Tuesday (winter): Winnipeg/Oak Bluff/Headingley (5pm-9pm). 

Pick Up Locations:

Saturdays: St. Norbert Farmers' Market (8am-2pm). 

Tuesdays & Thursdays: Wolseley Farmers' Market (3-6:30pm, seasonally). 

Wednesdays: South Osborne Farmers' Market (4-8pm, seasonally). 

Fridays: River Heights Farmers' Market (12-5pm, seasonally). 

Farm Pickup:

 Wednesdays and Thursdays (10am-3pm),

Saturdays (3pm-5pm)  

Upcoming dates and exact pickup addresses can be seen

at checkout.

Dates are available until 2 days prior to delivery or pickup.

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Animal Feed

Are you a small-scale livestock producer or do you keep a few backyard chickens? We mill and sell non-GMO feed made with local grains. Chicken or pig grower feed (approx. 16.5% protein) and chicken starter feed (approx. 21% protein) is available for picked up on farm. 40lb bags or 2000lb totes are available. Looking for whole grains? We have that too!

Call or email us to order.


Raising our animals with regenerative agriculture practices
is good for the environment, the animals, the farmer and
the final consumer, you!

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