3 Subscription Options Available

The Farmer's Choice Meat Box

The Farmer's Choice Meat Box is a subscription where you receive 12-15 lbs. of heritage pork, chicken and ground beef. Each box is $150 worth of meat. We will build each box with a great variety of products that change every delivery. It's like a Christmas surprise in every box!

Build Your Own Meat Box

You can choose which products, and build your own box. Get exactly what and how many of each product that you want.

Great for meal planning! Get your favorite products that you eat regularly.

Simply place a regular order, but choose the 'Add subscription to cart' option for the product instead.  

 Free-Range Egg Subscription

Choose how many eggs you want and how often you want them. Have the egg subscription on its own or add it to another subscription.

Who doesn't love fresh eggs delivered right to your door year round?

Why should I purchase a subscription?

Flexibility and ease! Our subscription options gives you the flexibility to choose how often you receive your subscription box. Easy-peezy, just set it and forget it. Then receive it, eat it and love it!

How often do I get my subscription?

You get to choose how often you receive your subscription, every 1, 2, 4, or 8 weeks.

Don't stress about which option to choose, you can change how often you get the box if you need to.

Also you can 'skip' a box if you will be away or need to 'catch-up' on your freezer.

What if I am away for one of my delivery/pick-up dates?

You can simiply contact us at freerange@zinnfarms.com and we can move your date.

Also you can 'skip' a box if you will be away or need to 'catch-up' on your freezer.

I need to change my order. What do I do?

You can change your subscription on your account or contact us at freerange@zinnfarms.com

How can I pay for my subscription?

We accept credit cards for all the subscription options and your card is only charged just before the delivery/pick up date.

How do I receive my subscription?

For any of the subscription options you can choose to have it delivered anywhere in Winnipeg, Oak Bluff, Headingley, East and West St. Paul. Or you can choose to pick up at St. Norbert Farmers' Market on Saturdays or pick up at the farm.

Can I have multiple subscriptions at once?

Yes! You can have one or any combination of the 3 subscription options at the same time.

I have more questions, now what?

Feel free to ask any questions by contacting freerange@zinnfarms.com

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